Festival Fashion – Wireless Hyde Park

The Festival Summer continued last weekend with Wireless in Hyde Park and I stopped by with my camera to check out the London style on show. As well as dancing crazy with some very cool Londoners, I also met the ever-cool Henry Holland, the lovely Lisa Snowdon and stumbled across a photo shoot with photographer Huggy Ragnarsson. Not a bad afternoon’s graft for this young blogger.

Summer style is all about festival fashion and London leads the pack– so much so that Fahri by Nicole Fahri and Premier Models chose Wireless to find their ‘Face of the Festival’ 2010. The lucky winner will get the chance to sign with Premier and model a campaign for Nicole Fahri. 

While shaking my booty to Snoop Dogg and momentarily getting lost in a crowd of beautiful people, I stumbled, quite literally, right into the middle of their shoot. Rather than giving me the telling-off I quite clearly deserved, Britain’s Next Top Model photographer Huggy Ragnarsson and her husband Chris Owen, founder of Premier, invited me to watch her work and even let me come behind the camera to look at the shots. The mixture of the afternoon light coming through the dust, made from people dancing and the general abandonment of the festival, provided the perfect backdrop for the girls to pose in front of, and the final campaign is sure to be gorgeous.

Elsewhere, party-goers had fashion moments of their own as girls and boys showed off their latest looks. Clearly statement eye-wear is the way to go if you are heading to a festival this season. If you are feeling really brave, go a-la Henry Holland and try a conversation-starting design like his giant guitar sunnies. For those who can’t carry off the novelty rave look, a pair of brightly coloured Wayfarers or Clubmasters will suffice.

Playsuits, crop-tops, head scarves and booty shorts are festival staples and although a disappointing number of girls managed to look like Topshop robots, others displayed the originality and quirkiness necessary to really make a statement. My favourite looks included girl in a pair of thick black-rimmed glasses and a yellow tie-up top and a guy in a denim waistcoat with a fabulous retro quiff. In a surprising addition to the festival look, a number of people sported heavy gold chains which looked great contrasted with a floral dress or denim shirt.

Of course by the time 2 Many DJs came on the crowd was mostly half-naked and fashion went out of the window. After my trip into trend-spotting heaven I managed to find my friends in time to rave hard to their discotastic set. Wireless is a gem of a festival and I would very much like to go again next year please!

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