Back in January, we followed super stylist and designer Johnny Blue Eyes’ unique installation and clothing bonanza Love for Sale.  The event, held at Soho venue Machine A, proved to be such a success that he is continuing the concept at my new favourite website: Closetbox.co.uk.

It’s estimated that the average Briton spends £600 per year on new clothes, although, like other London-based 20-somethings, I think that’s way off the mark. Closet Box has taken this on board and has come up with a great way of helping the average fashion fan make space in their wardrobe as well as earning cash to spend on even more must-have finds.

Not only is Closet Box a safe, efficient and fun trading community, it also provides a unique platform for talented designers, offering them a shop window to sell their wares, whilst giving the fashionista the opportunity to discover a whole new world of designers that they otherwise may have not stumbled across. 

As usual, Johnny doesn’t see this as simply a sale of old as, like many of us, he sees his collection of odds and ends as something far more personal and deep-rooted: ‘In the simplest terms possible, the concept is about selling pieces from my extensive styling archive of garments and accessories that I’ve accumulated over the years to break down the wall I’ve built around myself with these wonderful pieces’.

Each month Johnny will be revealing a new selection of treats from his personal collection that are ready to be treasured in a new home. You don’t even have to spend a fortune on purchases from his collections, you can sell off some of your couture that may have lost it’s novelty to a new home and then fund the new purchases all through one simple site.

The kind people at Closet Box have also offered The London Word readers the exclusive offer of free listings up until the end of August. Enter the code: TLW31082010 on registration of your PayPal account and sell away to your heart’s content! 


Image courtesy of Closet Box

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