Actress Sophie Wu

Sophie Wu, actress and one half of the comedy duo Time Cats with Emily Beecham, has a very unique look coupled with a slightly eccentric humour that never fails to please. 

Sophie’s level-headed attitude to acting also helps her stay grounded. She seems to take it all in her stride, calmly accepting the ups and downs of her rollercoaster career and staying positive.

Since finishing drama school she has made a whole host of appearances on TV, the stage and the silver screen and has worked hard to build up her name in the industry. She played a schoolgirl in Simon Stephen’s play Punk Rock, which went on to receive fantastic reviews in the Guardian. She also worked alongside Julia Roberts’ niece Emma Roberts in the chick flick Wild Child and more recently played a supporting part in the blockbuster film Kick-Ass.

Are you from London originally?

‘No, I am from the misty hills of Scotland! In fact I am a delightful mix of Scot and Chinese.’

When did you first move to London and what were you doing at the time?

‘I moved to London straight after I left school to study at The London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art.’

What do you like about being an actress in London?

‘I like meeting lots of different people, I like the amazing amount of brilliant theatre on offer and having lots of other actors you can moan to!’

What was your drama school experience like?

‘Drama school was brilliant! Lots of mental, emotionally unstable people thrown together in a melting pot. But joking aside, it really was the best three years of my life. I learnt an incredible amount, made lifelong friends and met my one and only comedy partner, Emily Beecham!’

Where do you live in London?

‘I live in the leafy, bohemian, woodland village of Muswell Hill. I love it there. It is so relaxing to come home to and there are lots of nice coffee shops and my fave shop of all time, Art for Arts Sake, nearby. It’s great for craft items and birthday cards. There is also a Marks & Spencer’s just opposite my house, which is extremely handy. I am always in there buying apple turnovers and prawns.’

What are you most proud of?

‘I am most proud of not having a breakdown throughout my short but rollercoaster time as an actor.’

What would you rather not have to watch yourself in again and why?

‘I would rather burn my eyeballs out than watch myself play a 15-year-old Chinese prostitute in Hotel Babylon. I did a hideously bad Chinese accent and I looked like an absolute moron too.’

What is one thing you would recommend everyone do in London at least once?

‘I would recommend going to Mudchute farm to stroke pigs and have a lovely lunch in the cafe thereafter  – but wash your hands. I would also recommend bathing in Crouch End lido. It’s glorious on a boiling hot summer’s day.’

What would your ideal night out in London involve?

‘Gorging myself on Chinese food then drinking myself into oblivion in Soho, then getting a night bus home and having peanut butter on toast when I get in. Then listening to my Michael Palin audio book to lull me to sleep.’

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  1. jess

    how grawesome is sophie… im your bestest of fans, you’l be in my movies one of the good days…wish you the bestet in your career.mwaz!!!!!

  2. WanMeow

    Greetings from Malaysia. Honestly, this is the first time I fall in love with people from film I watch. After watching u on Wild Child, I think I fall for you. Hope your acting career will always success. :)

  3. Tony

    Hi Sophie nice to meet You.I’m looking again Kickass movie…You are an excellent actress and a real Angel face…I hope see you again on the next Kickass 2013 on France.I’m living on the areas Calais62100,not a long way from London.You are welcome sweet Sophie

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