Non-Surgical Eye Treatment

There’s nothing more deflating than being told that ‘you look tired’ despite the fact you’ve slept like a log.  

For as long as I can remember I have suffered from indelible dark hollows beneath my eyes and these have surely been exasperated by the fact that, like most Londoners, I spend nine hours a day stressed-out in front of a computer screen.

Like two unsightly ink stains on an expensive carpet I am acutely aware of the dark smudges beneath my eyes; bordering on the obsessive, scrutinising them at every opportunity. I have experimented with several (million) ineffectual eye creams and lotions all claiming the same corrective results, but like a politician who’s elected and then disappoints, the creams sat idly on my skin making no discernable difference. 

To be honest this was severely affecting my confidence, so when I was offered the chance to try a corrective treatment called the Tear Trough Procedure my eyes lit up and I hot-footed to the Wimpole Clinic in London’s Marylebone to meet with Dr Glancey of Glancey Medical Associates. 

Being male, I told her that I had my reservations; none of my friends have ever discussed non-surgical treatments and I’m sure they never would. But according to Dr Glancey it’s not that men aren’t having cosmetic enhancements, they just aren’t talking about it. Male clients are opting for treatments that can go unnoticed, that will improve their looks without fundamentally altering them. This leaves them looking healthy and well-rested without it being obvious that they’ve had something done. I was both convinced to give it a go and optimistic this would be the solution to a life-long concern. 

The Tear Trough Procedure is designed for patients like me who suffer from dark hollows beneath their eyes. Using Restylane Vital, which is a fine hyaluronic acid filler, Dr Glancey carefully injects the product into the hollows to fill them in. The hollow area beneath the eye is decreased by the filler which minimises shadowing and the appearance of darkness; making the eyes look fuller and more awake. The procedure is not permanent and the product will diminish over time, with the results generally lasting up to a year. 

Expecting more than a steady hand when needles are being used by your eyes, Dr Glancey’s substantial qualifications put me at ease. She has been practicing for 15 years and in a relatively unregulated industry her list of credentials stands like a skyscraper next to a semi-detached in Bermondsey. As for the pain, the skin was numbed beforehand and whilst it’s relative to the patient l only found the procedure temporarily uncomfortable. 

My optimism certainly paid off. The Tear Trough Procedure has rectified my condition almost 100%, heightened my self-esteem and reassured me that there is nothing wrong with men wanting to improve their looks. After all, who doesn’t like being told they look good? 

The price for this treatment is £480 and this includes a top-up at 4-6 weeks after the initial procedure.  

Wimpole Clinic
Hannah House
11-16 Manchester Street

Tel 0870 4585 483 


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