Beautiful Bottoms London

I don’t know about you, but I am very particular when it comes to women’s underwear. 

On the contrary, my 20-something spinster friend doesn’t care: ‘No one ever sees them so what’s the point in even bothering?’

Err, that’s completely not the point. 

Wearing a good pair of pants is not for the benefit of someone else. I don’t choose my outer clothes in consideration of other people, I choose them because I like them. I have very strict criteria when it comes to underwear: they have to be matching (slightly obsessive I know) and they can’t be too big, too small, too high, too trashy, too boring, too slutty or too frumpy…the list goes on.

Everyone has their body hang-ups, but I think it is safer for everything to be tactfully held in place than droop in all its glory, supported only by a string of dental floss. When you can have you derriere perfectly packaged in pure silk georgette there’s no comparison, and up-and-coming London-based lingerie label Beautiful Bottoms London certainly steps up to the mark.

Taking baby steps in the fashion world are Newcastle University friends Poppy Sexton-Wainwright and Lauren Skerritt. Motivated by their love of silks, their designs are inspired by original European vintage prints of the past two decades.

Poppy and Lauren, both 22 and now based in London, are determined to provide silk lingerie which is both comfortable and sexy. Beautiful Bottoms London embodies femininity, romance and sensuality with their vibrant yet quietly sophisticated collection of intimates. Vibrant prints coupled with light ethereal shapes generate a creative take on the more traditional lingerie essentials, and the collection reflects modern romance with a subtle luxury.

Beautiful Bottoms London is stocked at:

158 Regent Street

Tel: 020 7529 9800

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