20 Questions With Michel Roux Jnr

Masterchef is back but it’s the amateurs’ turn and we kind of miss the petrifying gaze of TV’s most dapperest chef.

You have to hand it Greg ‘cor!’ Wallace, he is as keen as a kid in a confectioner’s, but Le Gavroche’s Michel Roux Jnr definitely brings a certain refinement to the table (or should I say: ‘plate of food’?). So what does he have to say for himself?

Michel, they say ‘never trust a skinny chef’, why should we trust you?

‘Never trust a fat chef as he probably eats and drinks all the profit!’

You can be a little bit terrifying on Masterchef sometimes, is there anything that scares you?

‘The fear of failure drives me on.’

If you were a young hopeful going on Masterchef what would you cook to impress the judges?

‘Simple, tasty and well presented food will always impress.’

What is the difference between good food and great food?

‘Good food is a moment, great food is forever.’

Do you have a favourite memory from Le Gavroche?

‘Too many to mention but when an apprentice chef makes it to head chef that gives me great pleasure.’

Do you like living in London?

‘I consider myself a Londoner and couldn’t live anywhere else.’

Sweet or savoury?


Hot or cold?


Fast or slow?


Nature or nurture?


Favourite food?


Favourite wine?

‘Gosset Champagne.’

France or England?


Sinful pleasure?


Life-changing moment?

‘The birth of my daughter.’

Where do you buy your suits?

‘Everywhere from Savile Row to market stalls.’

Pearl of wisdom?

‘Never ever give up.’

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