Fashion Week Round Up

I hobbled up the Strand from Charing Cross in crippling heels and a fur coat, whose purpose of keeping out the cold on this bitter February morning was secondary to pure vanity.

The closer I stumbled, the less I looked out of place among the crowds of cagoule-adorned tourists who rapidly became diluted by increasing numbers of the standard London Fashion Week crowd.
The gates of Somerset House were like a portal to transport me off the chilly London streets of reality and into Planet Lala with a feast full of sights. I felt as if I was on display as one photographer indiscreetly followed me, snapping away at my feet while I staggered – which was unnerving as I was not the one supposed to be on show! I came here to observe next year’s trends, not be observed for my shambolic methods of attire-flinging. 
Fashion Week veteran John Rocha kicked-off Saturday evening in style with a beautiful collection that he claimed derived from influences from Mayan battlewear in Guatemala.  The shapes were big, the layering was even bigger, and the millinery to accompany the collection was to-die-for.
In a bid to escape the hustle and bustle of Somerset House, it was welcome change to head over to the Vauxhall Fashion Scout’s home for this season at the Freemason’s building in Covent Garden for the House of Blue Eyes extravaganza. If it had anything to do with designer Johnny Blue Eyes, it wasn’t going to provide a calm retreat from the madness.

The afternoon kicked off with a tea party complete with fine china and colourful cupcakes. The show began in an impromptu hallway with every colour of the spectrum perfectly complimented with make-up by Alex Box. Her execution of colour demonstrated her fine art background and this show saw models scantily-clad but with emphasis on their bodies as a canvas for maximum colour and intricate designs. Even the crowd at this show was different to the usual LFW throng, who were just as colourfully and eccentrically dressed as Johnny Blue Eye’s own ‘Angels’.
One observer, who sat next to me decked-out in a grey tweed that ticked all of the boxes of the standard palette uniform of Somerset House followers, muttered in a sarcastic tone: ‘Do you feel liberated?’ as he smirked at his quip. 
It was a steady compromise on Sunday though as designer to the rock stars, Todd Lynn, showcased his autumn/winter 2010 collection. His front row blowed the cashmere socks off any of the others, with fans including Marc Almond. But the zoom lenses were all on a small figure next to Roland Mouret: Janet Jackson had flown in for the sole purpose of seeing his show.

The palette was typical with blacks and nudes being dominant but this worked perfectly as a means of avoiding detraction from the beautiful silhouette of androgyny that he provided as signature to the collection. Tapered-in legs, accompanied by large shoulders, were emphasised by texture with the addition of leather and fox fur. Lynn studied military uniforms through the ages for inspiration, and that was certainly evident.
In true London Fashion Week style this season was colourful and eventful, displaying the wealth of varied talent that we have on our little island. Bring on spring/summer 2011.

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