Shop for a Good Cause this Christmas

There’s nothing better than giving a loved one something you know they’ll love for Christmas, but a lot of Christmas shopping consists of buying thoughtless gifts just for the sake of meeting that pressurised deadline. I mean, who would be delighted to open a pack of socks on Christmas morning?

One alternative Christmas shopping option comes in the shape of the St Mungo’s online Christmas catalogue, where instead of buying random, and often unwanted, presents you can purchase something different while also helping St Mungo’s: London’s largest homeless charity.

Last year the catalogue raised over £30,000 which contributed to St Mungo’s 2008 achievements of helping 450 people off  the streets and providing accommodation for 1400 people every night. 

St Mungo’s catalogue gift prices range from £8 to £150 and vary in shape and style, but are all for worthy causes: from paying for someone’s health check with a nurse to providing shelter for dogs that are often a homeless person’s only companion.

So if you’re stuck for present ideas how about making Christmas that little bit better for someone less fortunate?


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