Eating Rudolph

My most favourite part of Christmas is unquestionably the food. Actually, after watching Santa Claus the Movie on loop for approximately four days, there is nothing more satisfying about the festive season than tucking into traditional Christmas fare – even the Brussels sprouts make it onto my plate. 

So it was with equal measures of unadulterated self-loathing and mouth-watering curiosity that I contemplated purchasing a plate of reindeer stew at the Finnish Christmas Fair last week. Mournful images of Rudolph flashed before my eyes, but in the end I just couldn’t help myself – it was a ‘once in a lifetime’ chance after all! Regrettably, in between each guilt-ridden mouthful, I couldn’t help thinking that it tasted a bit like rubbery, gravy-drenched cardboard. 

Nevertheless, my brazen reindeer consumption had sparked a Christmas culinary curiosity in me – I was eager to find more unusual festive treats. With this in mind, I donned my newly acquired elf hat and made the trek (note to self: next time wear walking boots) to the Excel exhibition centre for the Taste of Christmas!

Yes, that’s right – Christmas. 

Why then, were the only things that I ended up eating a Malaysian prawn curry and two scoops of indecently nutty pistachio ice cream? Where were the ‘100 different ways to baste your bird’ demos and all the Yule logs I had been dreaming of sampling? 

As it happened, abundance of fake snow aside, there was bugger-all festive about it. It was also swelteringly hot – they couldn’t even get the climatic conditions right.

Frustrated (and frankly, anxious my angle for this article had been rudely scuppered) I searched the magical interweb for more inspiration. I must have been a good girl this year, because at my first click I found ‘Chocolate Festival’. Bonjour! And the best part about this one is it is still in the future. Yes, you too can experience the infinite delight of the cocoa bean. Plus, there are tons of Christmas-themed demos to watch. 

I’ve earmarked the ‘how to make chocolate sausage meat stuffing for Christmas’, which I’m sure the family will be delighted with. Maybe there’ll be chocolate reindeer on offer…something I shall definitely be indulging in. Minus the guilt. And the weird rubbery deposits in my teeth. Yum!

Image by Jasonb42882 courtesy of Flickr

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