Taming Tresses at Taylor Taylor

After avoiding the event for a good three months, it was time to go through that hour of hell again and get a well and truly overdue haircut.

It’s a fear deep rooted from childhood, as I suppose you would say I’m follically unchallenged. Flashbacks of various bribes of sweets in exchange for taming my frizzy mess still haunt me. So when the invitation to try out Taylor Taylor on Commercial Street turned up in my inbox, I realised that there was no excuse.

I think the fear is fuelled by countlessly thinning it out so much that I emerge with some sort of mushroom-shaped monstrosity resulting in having to hide the results with various shapes of headwear for the following two months.  

However, for once, going to the hairdressers was an enjoyable experience. The opulent interior  of Taylor Taylor provides a Parisian boudoir feel that is luxurious whilst being relaxing. There’s none of the usual 100 decibel House music –  instead there’s a calming, tasteful soundtrack including the likes of Air and Anthony and the Johnsons.

The accompanying head massage was blissful and the cut itself was made far easier washed down with a gin and tonic. More importantly my stylist actually wanted to keep most of my hair rather than butchering the barnet. So an hour later I left with tamed glossy locks and without the need for the hat I had buried in my bag as a precaution.

Taylor Taylor
137 Commercial Street
E1 6BJ

Tel: 020 7377 2737

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