Folly at Proud Cabaret

If you occasionally think ‘I wish there was more ‘20s-style fun and glamour in my life’ then hie thee to Proud Cabaret in Tower Hill.

Proud Cabaret is Alex Proud’s newest venture and tomorrow sees the public launch of Folly, a weekly extravaganza of burlesque, music acts and – for those savvy enough to book a table – appetising suppers. It is ‘set to be as decadent as a Berlin Cabaret club during the Weimar years.’

Ambition is not something Team Proud lack. Scrolling through their press release, I saw it mentioned not once, but twice, that Folly aspires to be The Thursday destination. I wouldn’t know how to calculate the number of  things there are to do in London on a Thursday and the boldness of a new venture that aspires to sweep all competition to the gutter had me chuckling wryly, and with not a little respect.

Yet Proud Cabaret may well be The Thursday destination. I had a blast at the press night last Thursday. As non-table owners, myself and my sexy date had to observe the show between a pole and The Tall Man With The Big Hat but it didn’t matter. The red lighting, the flapper waitresses, the so-dry-I-need-a-pint-of water-now entertainers, the poised and charming burlesque girls, all this and more contributed to making me feel at least 60% more decadent.

And this was before you brought the cocktails and food into the equation. I should warn you – as a notorious penny-pincher – that food and booze are not exactly cheap yet there are times in all of our lives – and indeed months – when we don’t give a damn and I absolutely cannot think of a better outlet for this grandiose attitude than Proud Cabaret on a Thursday. Go on. Help their press release come true.

And if you need still further convincing let me leave you with the caustic observations of Crooner and Sex Symbol Earl Okin, who mused in between numbers that, ‘there are very few songs written about women that aren’t beautiful which is funny because there are more of them.’

How daring.

Folly takes place every Thursday at:

Proud Cabaret
1 Mark Lane
Corner of Dunster Court and Mark Lane
Tower Hill

Tel: 020 7283 1940

The Proud Cabaret website is impressively informative

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9 Responses

  1. Charlie

    Thursday 19th Nov 2009

    Whilst the concept of this place is great the delivery fell far short. Great bar/restaurant- beautifully presented, excellent, good value food and drinks, friendly service (although staff clearly need some serious training- mostly on knowing where to deliver food & drink!) but the performances were truley terrible! Willow Blue was so unattractive, unsexy, unoriginal and without a drop of charm you wanted to shut your eyes until it was all over. The second burlesque act (Coco ?) was a singer rather than a burlesque performer, Anne Pigalle had brought a motley crew of supporters who attempted to shush other guest trying to ignore and rise above her appalling performance- her complete oblivion to the audience reaction adding to the unintentional “so bad it was laughable” comedy of the evening.
    The jazz pianist did his best with a very average piano, and Frank Sinazi was some light relief (intentional) comedy from an otherwise dire repertoire.
    Sad as we were expecting so much more following the obvious success of the press launch.

  2. Aura Davidson

    I work across the street and have popped in a few times for drinks – and will be doing so even more often now that they have Happy Hour! They were testing their ground at first but now Proud has really found its footing! The shows have gotten even better and the food is lovely! Staff are fun and the general ambiance is lovely! Highly suggest it for date nights or after-work debauchery!

  3. Christine

    I don’t normally write reviews but I felt so strongly about the previous comment I had to write a reply.

    The food is great, the service was the so genuine and it was such an unusual venue, love loved it!

    I work in the City and will be recommending this to colleagues and friend without a question!

  4. Sara

    I love it at Proud Cabaret and really think everyone should get down there.

    I work in a building very near by and this has become our after-work drinking hole of choice, so much so, that we have moved our Christmas party to have it in Cabaret.

    The food is delicious and the cocktails devine and now with happy hour, there is an even bigger reason to leave the desk on time.

    Highly recommended! 10/10

  5. roman

    Wow, the food was amazing! Dover Sole and cheese platter being my fav! definitely going back – a great place for a date!

  6. Sarah

    Had heard about this place from a friend and decided to try it out, literally because i had nothing better to do. I went without expectations of preconceptions, but this place really blew me away and cast aside a thoroughly apathetic perspective. The acts have obviously improved some since the previous review, as they were fantastic. The girls were hot and put on a great show! Musicians were really talented and provided a lovely backdrop to the evening. The place looks amazing on the inside and it had a really great atmosphere. The food was also delicious and the cocktails perfectly made!
    I really don’t have a bad word to say about this place!

    go there!

  7. Jules

    Superbe… My evening was just superb! I took my girlfriend out for her birthday last week for this show. She is french and really picky…. ANd she had a igreat night. SO mine was. Sure value in London to make someone having a good time.

  8. Lucy Williams

    I am thinking of holding my hen party (of 21 people) here in June on a saturday. Would you recommend this?

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