The Symbolic Collection at Scream

What have Johnny Cash, Frank Sinatra, Ronnie Wood, Grace Slick and Joni Mitchell got in common?  They’re all musicians with a penchant for creating the art that is currently being showcased in the new and improved Scream Gallery’s Symbolic Collection. That’s what.

On opening night it’s only an hour in and the vast majority of pieces are displayed with that tiny red sticker, showing that the huge collection is practically flying off of Scream’s perfectly-minimalist, whitewashed walls.

It’s no surprise really as the pieces have such a huge and varied appeal qualified by the sheer turnout and cross-section of the crowd. The compact gallery is rammed, so full that the pavement outside, and even the pavements adjoining the neighbouring properties, are packed and spilling out onto the road. 

Yes, there are your typical art-buying crowd, packed with the eccentricities of a modern-day Holly Golightly, but then there are also those that are clearly interested in the stories, motives and aesthetic of their musical idols. That’s the beauty of this exhibition, it’s not just about collecting art, its accessible via its firm roots in popular culture.

This thought and popular appeal is clearly what the motivations were behind the creating such an exhibition. Director, Jamie Wood explains, ‘We are really pleased with Scream’s new look and very happy to be re-opening the gallery with such an incredible selection of paintings from Symbolic Collection’s rare and important pieces. These pieces not only represent fantastic examples of artist talent but also give the owner a chance to own a piece with historical significance giving a rare insight into the abilities and emotions of the icons of our time.’

Not only are the artists and appeal broad, but the pieces themselves range vastly. From scrawled lyrics of Michael Jackson to intricate fantasy sketches of Joni Mitchell, it is difficult not to fall in love with at least a few pieces in the exhibition.

The Symbolic Collection is running at Scream Gallery until Saturday 31 October at:

Scream Gallery
34 Bruton Street

Tel: 020 7493 7388


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