Osman and Ashish at Fashion Week

The Osman Yousefzada show on Saturday started with a scrum. The biggest turn out yet at this year’s LFW, injuries were gained getting a decent view. This show was slick, almost painfully elegant and not suited for anyone with a tendency to make a mess at dinner time.

His all-white collection was embellished only, and occassionally, with blocks of gold and threaded oversized eyelets. Cut out shoulders and fluid shapes were striking, with sheer panelling on a full length, long-sleeved dress standing out on the runway.

Slicked back top knots and shades gave the collection a more trend-focused edge with a nice mix of youthful shapes and tailored jackets. Inspiration from north Africa came through in striking detailing on the neck. For those who shy away from the unforgiving snow coloured collection, it will also be available in taupe, fire red, midnight blue and black.

A world away from the minimal cream and gold offering at Osman,  Ashish catapulted us into summer 2010 with a playful and entirely sequin-based collection.

As should have been expected from a vintage postcard invitation, we were transported around the globe in kitsch, playful style. From Italy and France to California and Hawaii, the slick-haired models were dripping with ’80s vacation cliches. Cheeky tourist phrases, fluffy white clouds and football prints were unapologetically youthful but surprisingly sexy.

This was a collection that reminded us that there can be plenty of humour in fashion, and even with the more grown-up pieces you could sense Ashish’s tongue was firmly in his cheek. One cut-out body-con dress, with more cut ‘out’ than ‘in’, left almost nothing to the imagination and the abundance of sequins and black perspex visors kept the look slick.

A collaboration with Nike fit in with the ’80s theme, ‘Just do it’ T-shirts and the swoosh print were teamed with more aggresively studded biker jackets. This is one summer collection that has to be worn with confidence, either that or some seriously strong sunglasses.

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