The East End Thrift Store

Down in the darkest depths of Stepney Green, on an alleyway synonymous with many a tale of the likes of Jack the Ripper, is one of the East End’s best kept fashion secrets.

Once you venture through the grand double doors of The East End Thrift Store you are presented with a complete haven of vintage treats.

Last weekend the huge warehouse space was packed to the rafters with all manner of weird and wonderful pieces: row upon row of Hawaiian shirts with mismatched jumpers buried between fantastic cocktail dresses; a sea of check shirts, old denim and vintage fur with crowds of Hoxton’s best-dressed making the short journey east to check out their one-off clearance jumble sale weekend.

The calibre of this store speaks for itself; its proven success demonstrated by the fact that the store is a staple source of stock for film and television wardrobe departments. Upstairs was filled to the brim with pile upon pile of obscure clothing: stacks of leather jackets among odd shoes. It really was a free-for-all to see which treasures you could fill your bag with. At £10 to fill a small bag and £20 for a large it was very much a lucky dip to see what could be unearthed from the darkest depths and how much you could pack into your carrier.

But don’t be disappointed if you missed out on this jumble sale, plenty more is promised to come and the clearance has only made more space for new delights to be brought in. Every last Thursday of the month The East End Thrift Store will provide customers with an opportunity to indulge in drinking and shopping to their heart’s content, with the next event held on June 25.

The East End Thrift Store
Watermans Building
Assembly Passage
Stepney Green
E1 4UT


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