Dub Pistols Prepare to Play Camden’s KOKO

London-based big beaters Dub Pistols headline Camden’s KOKO this Saturday as they unveil their new album, Rum & Coke, through Sunday Best.

The follow-up to last year’s Speakers and Tweeters, it’s a brilliant hybrid of ska, hip-hop, electro, funk and soul featuring the talents of Lindy Layton, Rodney P, Justin Robertson, Ashley Slater, Gregory Isaacs and TK Lawrence.

Founded in 1996 by ex-club promoter Barry Ashworth, Dub Pistols are always a formidable and thrilling live entity. Confirmed support to The Specials at Brixton Academy next month, Pistols’ Ashworth and Jason O’Bryan chat to The London Word about partying, rum, Coke and KOKO as they prepare for a summer series of gigs and festivals .

What’s your ideal night out in London?

Barry: ‘A pub with friends in the early eve, maybe some food at Notting Grill and on to Masons or Paradise pub for more drinks, possibly a club then back to mine for a party.’

Jason: ‘Some spicy food, preferably West Indian, and off to do a gig.’

Where do you live in London and why?

Barry: ‘West London for the last 18 years, although I’ve also lived in Camden, Streatham, Clapham and Primrose Hill. When I moved here all that time ago it was the place to be and I would go out almost every night. Some things never change.’

Jason: ‘I live outside of London. I can’t be in London for too long, I don’t trust myself! Too much trouble to land in.’

What do you love and loathe most about London?

Barry: ‘I love the night life, the culture, Notting Hill, carnival, the healthy gig culture, local pubs and friends. I loathe traffic wardens, the Congestion Charge, Big Bros cameras, London mayors and dodgy taxi firms.’

Why is the new album called Rum & Coke, and what can we expect?

Jason: ‘The name is just a play on words! Me and Barry were in the sea in Barbados reflecting on a rather debauched tour of the Caribbean, and it pretty much summed it all up. The album has a nice, chilled out summer vibe to it so the name really worked.’

How long did it take to make Rum & Coke, and what was the creative process?

Jason: ‘It took about a year to make. We just got together a series of backing tracks then sent them out to vocalists, then we used Will Hensal and Tim Hutton to provide keyboards and brass.’

What can we expect from your KOKO performance on Saturday?

Jason: ‘It’s going be a great show, with a lot of different guests hitting the stage. We’re going to play a lot of the new stuff. It’s our first big London show of 2009.’

And your Brixton performances with The Specials?

Jason: ‘Same thing really! We’re just going to play more of a ska set at them. Can’t wait to see The Specials perform! It was such an honour to be chosen as support.’

Any summer festival appearance plans for 2009?

Barry: ‘Glastonbury, Camp Bestival, Rockness, Bestival, Glade, Beautiful Days, Beat-Herder Festival and Lounge on the Farm.’

Rum & Coke is released May 25
Single Back to Daylight is released May 11

Dub Pistols play KOKO this Saturday with Herbaliser. They support The Specials at Brixton Academy May 6 and 7.

1a Camden High Street

Brixton Academy
211 Stockwell Road

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