The Kensington Creperie

The Kensington Creperie is set in the heart of South Kensington, amidst some of London’s most famous landmarks, including Harrods, the Royal Albert Hall and the Natural History Museum.

The building is grade two listed, with original interior tiles that date back to the 19th century. On the walls are pictures by the photographer Shimon Mizrahy, and with its typically French furniture and outdoor seating, you could well believe you are sitting in the middle of the Left Bank in Paris.

Given its location, the creperie attracts a very cosmopolitan crowd and is very busy in the late afternoon and early evening when exhausted tourists and culture aficionados populate the place. At this time, the lights are dimmed and relaxing music is played, allowing the Kensington Creperie a very intimate feel.

This part of London is favoured by French ex-pats, so many animated conversations in this tongue can be heard.

Given the name of the place, you might expect to only find crepes served here. Not so, as the establishment also serves salads and galettes, which are similar to crepes but made with Sarrazin flour, giving a dark, nut-flavoured offering. You are also not limited to the combinations offered on the menu. The chefs are very open to new ideas and are happy to cater to any crepe topping suggestions.

Both savoury and sweet crepes are served and range from £3 to £7.50. The ham and cheese galette is very well done with the nutty promise of the crepe combining exceptionally well with the ham and cheese. The salade Parisienne comes with lettuce, frisee lettuce, ham, cheese, sweetcorn, egg, cherry tomatoes and the establishment’s own special  French dressing. It is a bit unbalanced, with the vegetables and the egg overpowering the cheese and ham elements, although the French dressing gives it a well-rounded flavour.

It is in the sweet crepe department that the creperie truly outdoes itself. The Crepe Normandie has a thin sliver of apple purée loaded with calvados inside, and is delicate and very luxurious. The strawberry cream crepe comes with fresh strawberries loaded onto cream together with Belgian white chocolate and a helping of Chantilly cream. Whilst not as potent as the crepe Normandie, it certainly has a lot to offer.

This being a French establishment, there is plenty to choose from in the drink department. Not only is there a good selection of red, white and rosé wines, but there is also the chance to savour some Normandy cider, which goes very well with the savoury crepes. There is a somewhat limited choice of beers and soft drinks but the creperie does have a good selection of coffees with which to end your meal.

The establishment is open seven days a week and closes at midnight, and is a fantastic place to sample French cuisine at surprisingly reasonable prices. The only difference between this and a Parisian creperie is that here you get much better service.

The Kensington Creperie
2 Exhibition Road
South Kensington

Tel: 020 7589 8947

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