Splash-Mob Waterslide on Primrose Hill

The watersliding masses descended on Primrose Hill on Saturday afternoon for ‘Splash-Mob’. The Lost & Found funsters brought along a 25 metre plastic sheet and covered it in water and (environmentally friendly) washing up liquid, so a hundred or so aquatic-fancy-dressed party-goers could slide until their hearts were content. This was of course followed by a banging after-party at Monkey Chews until the wee hours…

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3 Responses

  1. Johno Gray

    Absolutely loved it, great day with similar nutters, my daughter loved it too. Already thinking of ideas for next year! Yaaaarg!

  2. Definately the funnest day of summer yet, cannot wait for the next one.

    I also have to mention, these photo’s look far too civalised.. you should check out the Facebook Group!

  3. Daniel Carrier

    Hi – I work for a local paper in the area – anyone out there able to tell me more about this? We’ve got some really nice pics and want to run them – heard the poilice came along and tried to stop the fun? Any comments gratefully received…
    Dan Carrier
    020 7419 9000

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