Gettin’ a Sweet Fix at Candy Cakes

With the summer’s diet resolve now limper than a tea-drenched digestive it’s time to submit to the sugar rush, and Candy Cakes makes falling off the diet wagon tantamount to an artistic pursuit. Witnessing the epilepsy-inducing camera flashing that surrounds the shop front it could be assumed that the Beckhams are inside stark naked. The media scrum is owed, however, to some humble little pies.

Candy Cakes is duplicitous in its ability to be quintessentially British and American at the same time. Its quaint setting and over-the-top cakes (which are essentially cakes with candy on top) are a fresh alternative to a bland-berry muffin in the same-old Big-bucks coffee conglomeration. Surprisingly enough this is not a culinary faux pas, like an American with an effected British accent (or vice-versa). Quite the opposite this is a harmonious blend of cultures with both ‘delightful’ and ‘awesome’ results, depending on which side of the Atlantic you frequented your crib on.

A bright and friendly environment with treats to match; Candy Cakes provides freshly made cakes daily and they are constantly trying out new and exciting flavours and combinations. Current recipes include indulgent triple choc fudge and raspberry with apricot as part of their fat reduced range. All cakes are then regally crowned with brightly coloured sweeties. They also cater for allergies with gluten free and sugar free cakes.

Candy Cakes
36 Monmouth Street
020 7497 8979

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