Cadenhead’s Covent Garden Whisky Shop

Cadenhead’s Covent Garden Whisky Shop is so much like a naturalistic set piece that you would expect the bottles to be filled with brown water and the Scottie dog chained to the front desk to be stuffed. It is so effortlessly authentic inside and out, from the painted sign to the threadbare tartan rug, and the musky aroma that replaces the generic wind tunnels you find in the glossy department stores.

But you’ve got to really like whisky, otherwise it’ll be as wasted a trip as Amy Winehouse visiting a nunnery. They have hundreds of different varieties and vintages, with over 170 malt whiskies currently in stock. They also have a good selection of cigars if you really want to play the part.

Covent Garden Whisky Shop handles its whiskies with the affection of a parent cradling its newborn baby; they never add artificial colouring to their whiskies or subject them to chill filtering, which plays havoc with the true flavour and colour of the spirit.

Like any decent speciality stockist they lay particular emphasis on the individuality of each bottling, and it is uncommon for more than one whisky to be bottled at a time. This means that not only do individual malts from particular distilleries offer different flavours, but each bottling from each cask will also carry its own distinct flavour.

Renowned for the art of keeping pure single malts in their most natural form this really is a four-leaf-clover for every discerning whisky lover.

The Covent Garden Whisky Shop
3 Russell Street
Covent Garden WC2B 5JD
Tel: 020 7379 4640

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