Vintage Magazine on Brewers Street

The place is Brewers Street. The year is 2007. Though not for long. At Vintage Magazine you’ll find an authentic retro palace that’s more welcome than a cool breeze on the Northern line

Whilst some things are better forgotten in favour of their superior modern counterparts, others will have a place in hearts and lives forever. And while it is unimaginable that Dyson will revert to a ‘less suction’ Hoover, or McDonalds will create an ‘increased fat’ menu, classic entertainment retains its value as a provider of emotional bookmarks for times in your life.

The potential for disaster with regard to vintage stockists reads scarily high on the ‘miss-the-mark-o-metre’, with many vapid and bland attempts at vintage trading. On entry to this Aladdin’s Cave one can be forgiven for impulsive histrionics when catching their first glimpse of a Top Gun movie poster or an original Beano comic from the ‘60s.

Never has a trip down Nostalgia Avenue been so gratifying. If you need any help the staff, all graduates from the school of ‘could we be more informed’, are veritable métiers in their occupation.

Vintage Mag offers a unique mixture of magazine back issues and entertainment memorabilia. Here you will find over 250,000 original publications from throughout the twentieth century, movie posters, vintage advertising prints, retro toys, celebrity photos, vintage T-shirt designs and more.

Essentially the shop has more classic feel-goodies than you can shake a bellbottom at, making it a plenary example of a vintage trader in its field. Vintage Magazine also hosts regular celebrity autograph signings, which has included Dave Prowse of Darth Vader fame. Charmingly, if you are not able to go to the shop in person, they can have the celeb personally sign a photograph and post it to you.

Vintage Magazine
39/43 Brewer Street
London W1R 3SD


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