Just the Dog’s Bollocks

One of the few survivors of an era of nonsense catchphrases, ‘the cat’s pyjamas’ outlives countless curious concoctions concerning bullfrog’s beards, snake’s elbows, duck’s quacks and eel’s ankles. All of these expressions define ‘the height of excellence’ as quoted by the hipsters of the Twenties. Today Elaine Fong pays homage to what is perhaps the best known of the English ‘animal slang’ with her treasure trove of trinkets at The Cat’s Pyjama’s in Marylebone.

For the girls there’s a delicious range of Miso Pretty cosmetics, including Miso Sake bubble bath, Miso Beauty Bar orchid soap, and Miso Kiss Pot plum-flavoured lip gloss. Not forgetting the fellas there’s a range of blokey bits to suit the men including the Mr Braithwaite range of super-cool leather designer bags which are just the dog’s bollocks.

The epitome of feline chic, this airy and bright boutique is simply the bee’s knees. Fong proudly supports both local and European artists and designers, and the result is a haven of eclectic and inspired creations, from cat alarm clocks to piggy banks, sheep, cow and dog lights. But you needn’t be a mammal lover to delight in the quirky curios of this specialty store. The Cat’s stocks everything from scented candles and soap, to bags, jewellery, door stops, comic art, greetings cards and hangover and seduction kits.

The Cat’s Pyjamas
69 York Street
Marylebone, W1H 1QD
Tel: 020 7723 7537


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