Urban Golf-Swingin’ Soho

Smack in the middle of Soho this state-of-the-art inner-city golf facility is the perfect place to practise your swing. With a high-tech simulator and computer-generated backdrops, Urban Golf allows you to immerse yourself in 50 of the best courses in the world, from New Zealand to North America, Kauri Cliffs to the Grand Canyon. You can polish your putt on the Prince Course at Princeville Resort, or manoeuvre your balls at Banff Springs. And all without leaving the capital’s concrete jungle.

Since its opening in the spring of 2004 Urban Golf has quietly established itself as a stylish haven for social leisure-seekers. Players at all skill levels, from pros to novices, come to give their best Tiger Woods impression and strut their stuff on the green. There’s an advisor on hand to help you with your backswing, as well as a licensed bar for post-game socialising and waitress service to keep you hydrated between holes.

You won’t be able to soak up any rays, but you’ll be guaranteed a lot of fun, regardless of the weather outside. And if you still feel that you need to trek out of the centre of town, the all new Urban Golf Smithfield is now open featuring eight simulators, a bar and lounge, two putting greens and unrivalled coaching facilities.


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